Space Maintainers

Chesapeake Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Luke Winter and Dr. Pamela Winter, Chesapeake pediatric dentists, may recommend fitting your child’s mouth with a space maintainer. Space maintainers are used to reserve space for adult teeth to fully erupt. They are often used in situations where a child has lost a baby tooth early. Space maintainers ensure adequate space is available by preventing neighboring teeth from shifting into the gap.

Space maintainers are secured using bands and temporary cement. If your child’s space maintainer becomes loose, contact our office immediately. Failure to do so may result in the teeth shifting into an improper alignment, requiring further dental treatment.

It is important that your child avoids foods such as sticky candy, taffy, caramel, and gum. These foods and treats can loose and damage the space maintainers. Thorough cleaning is required to maintain a healthy, clean mouth.

To ensure that your child’s space maintainer fits properly, it is important to keep up with their regular dental examinations. To schedule your child’s next visit, please contact our team.