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In general, probiotics are marketed as being beneficial for digestion. In recent studies, they have also been shown to help improve oral health. This is because probiotics have been shown to fight infections that cause oral diseases. 

Gingivitis can be reduced by using probiotics.

Probiotics have been shown to reduce gum bleeding in patients with gingivitis. A placebo and two probiotic combinations were given to children in the trial. After three weeks, children who took probiotics had significantly improved gingival health.

Managing Periodontitis

Additionally, probiotics were shown to be effective against periodontitis as well. Bacteria cause periodontitis by separating gums from teeth, creating pockets that can become infected. In addition to fighting harmful bacteria, probiotics can reduce inflammation to help the mouth heal.

Defeating Cavities

The trial of Contemporary Clinical Dentistry also found that probiotics led to a significant decrease in plaque in children who took them. This led to fewer decay-causing bacteria. Plaque and harmful bacteria thrive in the spaces between your teeth where probiotics occupy them. 

Keeping Your Breath Fresh

Additionally, probiotics have a cleansing effect on your breath. Bad breath is caused by the odor-causing gases released by bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds. It is believed that probiotics can remove harmful bacteria from your mouth and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria. 

Probiotics are believed to have more benefits than just digestive health. According to researchers, probiotics play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mouth and body. 

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